My commitment does not end once company and
candidate are brought together. Depending on the
needs of the client, I continue to provide services by
contacting referenced individuals who are able to
provide objective information about the candidate's
qualifications, assist with testing, advise on a total
compensation package to be offered and follow up to
ensure that the new employee has made a successful
transition into the new corporate culture.

Assessing Clients' Needs

I meet company representatives, listening carefully
and questioning specifically to develop an under-
standing of the company culture, position, qualifications and compensation structure. A written "needs analysis" defining the position and detailing the experience required of the ideal candidate. This analysis becomes the cornerstone of the search process.


After a detailed briefing, Create, Search & Employ, Inc. develops an individual search plan designed to locate potential candidates efficiently by targeting sources and influential market leaders in the specific industry.

Candidate Interviews and Evaluation

Qualified candidates are then presented to the client in meetings/interviews scheduled by
Create, Search & Employ, Inc. To ensure that communication is flowing smoothly, I contact both parties — client and candidate — for feedback after each interview. Should the client deem them necessary and appropriate, I assist in the coordination of skill-related, psychological or other tests.

Offers and Negotiations

In most instances, once a final candidate has been selected, Create, Search & Employ, Inc. is actively involved in the employment process, including the initial offer and subsequent negotiations.

Completing the Search

During the employees first month at work, I check in with both client and employee to verify that the transition has been smooth and is proceeding successfully.

Create, Search & Employ, Inc. believes in finding professionals that are right for the position and the client. People are not interchangeable: “I carefully consider each candidate's qualifications, including their background and personal qualities, in order to find the best fit for my client's company.”

Our value to our clients is based on an ability to understand their needs in the largest context, to find the best candidates in any given market and to create an atmosphere beneficial for the client and the candidate. Our clients' goals are our goals, and we are committed to their long-term success and relationship.

Representative Assignments

Chief Executive Officer

US Country Manager

Senior Vice President of Sales and Marketing

Vice President of Sales

Director of Global Accounts

Director of Marketing

Strategic National Accounts

Regional Sales Managers

Territory Sales Representatives

Regional Sales Agent

Director of Design

Marketing Managers

Showroom Managers

Sales Representatives

A & D Sales Representatives

Project Managers

“I am passionate about helping to build and improve the success of companies and careers. When I started my own firm, it was in order to have a more personal approach, to find out the real goals of both our candidates and clients and to only provide solutions that would be a match for their unique objectives.”