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Why choose Create, Search & Employ, Inc.?

Create, Search & Employ, Inc. provides responsive,
exceptional service – founded on years of professional
recruitment experience. This service is always
designed with the client's unique situation in mind.

• I take the time to develop an in-depth understanding
of your company and recruitment needs — questioning,
comparing, defining and refining until a clear picture
of your ideal candidate emerges.

• A search plan is designed to find that individual in
the most efficient way possible. Every client's needs,
objectives and company culture are different — so
every search is tailored to meet those individual
requirements. “I believe that personalized service is
the best and the only way to create the long-term, enduring relationships we value so highly. Although all searches are unique, important elements remain constant in each”, defining the Create, Search & Employ, Inc. commitment to quality. “Every client works directly with me; I am the primary contact from project start to finish. Dedication and continuity are essential to the service I provide and I have chosen to maintain my company size at a level which is small enough to foster close business relationships yet large enough to encompass a wide variety of skills and industry contacts”.

“When clients provide the necessary background information needed to determine why, when and how a position is to be filled, they can be sure that this information will be treated confidentially. Our discretion is absolute and we protect our clients' privacy without exception.”

Create, Search & Employ, Inc. is committed to providing a service, as timely as it is thorough, in order to solve a client's pressing personnel needs. Typically, as a client, you take part in an initial discussion that determines the parameters of the project at hand. All interim activities — pre-contact research, selective calling, pre-client interviews, candidate evaluation, identification reports and the arrangement of client/candidate interviews — are handled by us. Ongoing personal contact ensures that you stay informed throughout the process and that the search is proceeding in line with your needs and expectations.